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Joint Legislative Committee

The Joint Legislative Committee reviews pending legislation as it relates to tax collectors and work with the North Carolina Association of Assessing Officers. This Committee is also charged with the responsibility of presenting proposed legislation from the Association to the General Assembly of North Carolina and/or the Property Tax Study Commission. They are also urged to attend meetings of the Property Tax Study Commission and any other like commission as deemed necessary.

Current Committee Members





Steve Pelfrey, Co-Chair Durham County (II) (919) 560-0300
Marcus Kinrade, Co-Chair Wake County (II) (919) 856-5400
Sheila Garner Johnston County (II) (919) 989-5130
John Petoskey Union County (III) (704) 283-3748
Mary Yow Moore County (III) (910)
Dwane Brinson Orange County (II) (919) 245-2726