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2021 Conference Update

The conference committee met and discussed the various options that are available to our organization at this time. After surveying counties across the state, the overwhelming response was to hold the conference in August instead of May. This is due to limited travel funds and travel bans that currently exist in various counties as well as continued restrictions on the amount of people that can fit inside of our conference space. We are hopeful that things will continue to improve with the pandemic situation. Our goal is to have as many attend the conference as possible and we know you all are eager to get together again (safely). At this time, the plan is for the conference to take place in person and there is not an option to attend virtually. Should things go awry between now and then, we will decide what plan B is.
So, having said that, we will be opening registrations up this April and our conference is scheduled to occur August 16-20. This is so you can book and pay for your hotel/registration out of your current FY20-21 budget (if you have travel funds this year) and won’t have to potentially expense the NCTCA conference twice in the next fiscal year (August 21 and April 22). Some of you booked and paid for the conference last year and decided to keep that credit on file to be applied to the next conference. If you have a credit on file and you cannot attend, please try to send someone in your place. If there is no one available to attend, please send your refund request to Ms. Pat Goddard at
As with anything, we will continue to monitor how things are going. Anything can happen between now and then but we’re still hoping for a positive outcome so we can, once again, come together. I think the biggest lesson I learned over the past year is just how important togetherness really is.
Allison Snell
NCTCA President