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Changes in the NCTCA certification process

Several changes were approved at the 2013 NCTCA Spring Conference for the NCTCA Certification process.  The most significant change was changing the continuing education reporting year from April 1 to March 31.  This will allow those being certified at the Annual Spring Conference to now be able to use their attendance at the conference for continuing education.
Other changes include and will be enforced are as follows:
Required courses must have been completed within five years from the date of the application for certification.  This includes the SOG Fundamentals of Property Tax Collection and the SOG Property Tax Listing and Assessing in NC.
The elective courses listed below must have been completed within ten years of the date of the application.  All other elective courses must have been completed within five years of the date of the application.
·         Business law
·         Real estate brokers course
·         Accounting
·         Spanish (minimum of 20 hours instruction) or appropriate certification of language proficiency
Membership dues in the NCTCA must be included with the submission of your application.  Your membership dues will cover your first year in the NCTCA which runs from July 1 to June 30.
All checks submitted must be made payable to: NCTCA Treasurer.  Anything else will be returned.