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New Combined NCTCA/NCAAO Website to be implemented



Recently retired Franklin County Tax Administrator Dan Williams has graciously volunteered a lot of his time the past couple of months to pulling together a new, combined NCAAO and NCTCA website for all of us to utilize.    
We are currently focusing on “beta” testing of the registration process and NCAAO jurisdictional dues payment acceptance with a small set of Counties using the new website. Once this testing is complete we will focus on getting the rest of the NCAAO jurisdictional dues process completed.

Then we will turn to NCTCA registration and jurisdictional dues payments. Once the majority of NCTCA jurisdictional dues are paid, we will open up the acceptance process of CE forms for NCTCA certified collectors, deputy collectors, and assistants.

We also plan to give an overview of the new combined website at the NCTCA Spring conference in Concord on Wednesday, May 18.